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10 upcoming web design trends in 2022

10 upcoming web design trends in 2022

Web design, like every aspect of the online space, is always evolving and shaping itself to the trends of the year. Knowing the latest web design tricks and spotting which ones will trend will help you make small tweaks to keep your website up to date. 

Today, we will be looking at the web design trends and elements you can expect to see a lot more of in 2022. 

1. Cinema-Style Homepage

Many modern websites are already utilising the cinema-style homepage option already but it will hit the mainstream in 2022. This is when a full-screen embedded video is used to instantly grab website visitors with content. We all know that visitors take seconds to make up their mind about your website. With this style of homepage, they won’t get time to think but rather marvel at the design. 

The cinema-style can be customised with a variety of image filtering effects or even more cinematic options such as slow-motion. 

2. Light + Dark Mode

This may not seem like a major element of a website but it feeds into something larger: personalisation. If you can give your visitors the feeling that they are in control and being tailored to, you build trust and empathy with potential customers. A lot of apps and websites have incorporated this option into their design but it now needs to be adopted wholly.

3. Smart Content Load

This booming trick is one that focuses on the backroom capacity of your website. By using smart content load, your website can move and load faster because it will only be loading the content that the user needs to see. This is a load technique used by most major social networks. When we adapt it to the web management plan, it will increase your website speeds and lessen the pressure on loading heavy graphical images or third-party elements.

4. Well Planned Overlapping Elements

 In the past, web design has been focused on clean elements with plenty of white space between them. 2022 may be an opportunity for well-planned overlapping elements. Modern web creation tools allow you to overlap elements giving you the opportunity to create unique websites that stand out. This is a risky trick because overlapping elements can cause confusion. But, if used properly, your site won’t look like anyone else’s. 

5. AI Chatbots

If there’s one guaranteed web design trend for 2022, then it will be the proliferation of AI chatbots on the landing page. Every business wants to increase customer interactions in order to generate leads and aid conversation rates. AI Chatbots is a tool that can play a significant role in that mission.

These AI bots interact with potential customers just as a human sales assistant would but are operating 24/7. For a business, it is a monumental way to cut costs as a single chatbot can do the work of an entire team of workers. Your 2022 websites must have AI chatbots!

6. User Friendly Buttons

When designing a website, you mustn’t get pigeon-holed into thinking it is only going to be accessed by able-bodied users on a computer or laptop. As a designer, you have to consider disabled users and visitors from other avenues such as phones and tablets. To that end, make sure your website’s usability is synergistic across all mediums by making clickable buttons and links, easy to click. It really is as simple as that!

2022 will be a more inclusive year with larger buttons coded with colour-blind-friendly tones. It is all about maximising the number of people that can use your website and therefore your service. 

7. Minimalistic Design

Minimalist design has always been an option for web creation but it is hitting trending status in 2022. Of course, this decision depends on the content of the website or the tone of your service, but minimalism is now more appreciated than before.

The online space is loud and bombastic; everyone is vying for your attention. If a website presents itself to be quiet, calming and welcoming with its sleek and simple design, you may find that visitors are more enamoured with you than your loud, bright and over-the-top competitors. 

8. Website-based easter egg hunts

It’s difficult to know whether this will take off in 2022, but easter eggs run on a website, using the very elements of the site as clues, is something that’s becoming more and more common. 

Web designers are daisy-chaining pages, password protecting others and dotting clues to hidden pages all through web creations. This is a creative and exciting way to run a campaign. Instead of using a social network to generate enthusiasm, you are directing active consumers to your own website and keeping them there. 

9. One-page website

Whilst this is an extension of minimalistic design, one-page websites are sure to take over in 2022. The one-page website ditches menus and navigation for simple scroll down navigation. This type of website works when the content is narrow and focused and is not recommended for organisations with a host of services on offer. 

Users state that one-page websites generate the feeling of reading a poster or flyer with all the important information right there. Navigation can be tedious for some visitors, so this trend cuts it completely out. 

10. Earthy colour tones

After a couple years of global lockdown life restricting our options, much of the online population has become more connected to the earth and nature than ever before. Often, this was because walking or going to the park was the only permissible activity. Furthermore, lockdown life made all of us stare at bright white screens for much of the day.

Web designers can alleviate all the built-up stress and annoyance of lockdown by option for earthy tones of nature and relaxation to give visitors something calming to look at. Our society is now more aware of the impact we’re having on the world around us, so to be reminded and transported to natural locations upon visiting a site will make you stand out. 


To be successful with web design, you have to try and stand out from the crowd and the competition. This means that keeping up to date and discovering new tricks and trends is vital to the advancement of the work. 

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