10 great WordPress Plugins to elevate your website 

10 great WordPress Plugins to elevate your website 

WordPress Plugins can help you achieve truly enviable design choices for your website creations and landing pages. Whether you want a dash of colour, integrated data visualisation or high-quality animation, WordPress Plugins can help you put together a complete professional project.

Testing and trailing WordPress Plugins should be a staple in every web designer’s daily list of tasks or weekly itinerary. It is here that you will find new and fresh ideas as well as innovative new designs that can help spice up your online presence.

To that end, we’ve put together a list of the best WordPress Plugins available to web designers at this very moment. Take a look at our comprehensive list below of various WordPress Plugins and you may find a point of inspiration for your site!

  • Yoast SEO

More than half of all web traffic comes directly from search engine results. If your website isn’t optimised for search engines and results pages, you will never see any traffic or engagement. Yoast SEO is a must have WordPress Plugin as it not only helps you with SEO practices but also teaches you how to optimise pages over time.

Whilst Yoast won’t tell you what keywords to use, it will tell you how to optimise your meta description, title, tags and slug depending on your chosen keyword. 

  • Amelia WordPress Booking Plugin

There are a lot of WordPress Plugins that purport to save time for web developers. Amelia Booking WordPress Plugin is specially designed for fitness centre bookings, beauty salon appointments and a whole host of other booking portals. In fact, Amelia Booking already benefits 30,000+ businesses with its’ services. 

With Amelia booking, potential clients can book, change or cancel any appointments 24/7. You can advertise a variety of packages or just one if that’s all you offer. Furthermore, with Amelia, there is no limit to the number of bookings or locations that can be covered. As an added bonus, Amelia can handle event booking on top of regular appointment booking. 

  • OptinMonster

This particular WordPress Plugin is all about conversion. OptinMonster purports to generate more subscribers, leads and sales using three simple steps. The first is through its offer creation process in which you can design an offer pop up featuring a countdown timer and email subscription option using its’ easy to use drag-and-drop builder.

The second step is its powerful targeting and segmentation engine which allows you to present the perfect offer to the right visitors at the exact right time. And the final step is the real-time stats that allow you to adjust your lead generation strategy and the level of focus you want on certain visitors and unique behaviours. 

  • Slider Revolution

Trusted by 9 million designers worldwide, Slider Revolution’s extensive yet professional library of sliders is a godsend for budding creatives. Slider’s line of sliders can be used to create stunning hero sections as well as other intuitive web page sections.

Slider Revolution incorporates royalty-free background images, videos, a font library and so much more for you to play around with. It also features a drag-and-drop editor that will save you hours or even days of work on every project. With just a few clicks, you will be able to amaze clients with your fully-polished and stunning visual work. 

  • Smush

Images are a big and important part of any website. However, if you do not manage your images and visual content well, it can slow down your website and load speed. This will compromise your SEO and, ultimately, the user experience. 

Smush WordPress Plugin is an image compression tool. It makes image files smaller without compromising any quality. Smush helps you decrease page load time without having a detrimental effect on the visual representation of your website. 

  • LayerSlider

LayerSlider is one of the most trusted and used WordPress Plugins around. It allows you to build sliders, pop ups, animations and even a whole website from the ground up. Layer Slider’s capabilities don’t stop there; you can also formulate landing pages, heroes, parallax scenes, banners and embedded website sections.

The team at LayerSlider have over 9 years of experience with WordPress Plugins and are dedicated to forever improving their available features. They also offer 24/7 hands-on customer support to respond to requests.  

LayerSlider has over 120 sliders, more than 90 different popup styles and 210 plus slide transitions.

  • LogicHop 

LogicHop is one of the most powerful content personalisation solutions for websites. This particular WordPress Plugin, supercharges your brand or marketing with instant personalisation allowing you to instantly connect with potential customers.

Every single customer is unique and LogicHop understands this. In fact, content personalisation is proven to increase conversion rates by 30% or more. To that end, LogicHop allows you to personalise many different aspects of a website – from images to buttons and text to greetings … the options are abundant. 

LogicHop achieves this through geolocation, dynamic text replacement and integration with other personalisation tools such as WooCommerce and Gravity Forms. 

  • nRelate

If you run a blog or text based website, nRelate is a very helpful WordPress Plugin. Related and relevant posts being pushed to the top of your website and blog stream are proven ways of keeping visitors on your site. With nRelate you can customise thumbnails, number of posts being displayed, relevancy and what categories to include or exclude. With nRelate, you can even choose to display blog posts from partner sites.

  • Heroic Inbox

Heroic Inbox is THE go-to customer support solution for inbox management. No longer will you have to manage different and disparate social and corporate accounts when handling customer communication.

Heroic Inbox allows all your staff members to work simultaneously on a smooth and glossy User Interface (UI), fast workflows and an intelligent funnelling system. Furthermore, Heroic Inbox also allows you to track key metrics in inbox management in order to keep an eye on staff performance. 

  • Flow-Flow Social Feed

Flow-Flow has been one of the best-selling social media WordPress Plugins for over 5 years. It is a fast, powerful and highly customisable plugin that allows you to add as many social feeds to a digestible stream as you want. Flow-Flow is so easy to use and alter as it requires no coding and can all be done using the plugin’s helpful interface.

Flow-Flow social walls load almost instantly due to smart server caching. Its’ design reacts seamlessly mobile phone swiping and its coding omits spams and trolls from breaking up your social streams. 

A free Lite version is available if you want to see what Flow-Flow can offer without its premium features. 

In Conclusion

WordPress plugins are great tools for adding and extending functionality to WordPress and WordPress user sites. However, what works for one industry, may not work for another. What works for once target audience may not work for another. Web design is all about trial and error. 

Try these essential and high-quality WordPress Plugins to start off with and watch your WordPress management get easier and far more rewarding.